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As a teacher, coach, professor, and performer for the last fifteen years, I realize how important preparation is to young people entering the college/university setting for the first time.  Some have been fortunate enough to have had good teachers and a positive educational experience prior to enrolling.  Others, however, struggle immensely with that first year.  All the faculty members at Cola-Music Academy understand the importance of music education for young people and are committed to providing the best and most thorough education possible.


Additionally, some young people dream of a career in performing.  No matter what venue they choose, there are always auditions to be conquered.  I frequently travel throughout the US and Europe to perform operatic works and each show has a very competitive audition process.  Even for those who strive to be the next American Idol or Lady GaGa are faced with auditions. Mostly though, young people just want to get involved and be on stage in the spotlight.  Cola-Music provides many, many opportunities for this.  Please explore our website and find the programs that are right for you.  I have provided some audition tips below for those who need help preparing.  Preparation is the single most important attribute to succeeding in music.


See you on stage!


Josh Wentz


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Audition Day can be very intimidating. However, if you follow these helpful hints, your big day should go smooth and easy.


 Always be prepared! Have a spoken Monologue ready, as well as, a 16-bar or longer audition song memorized. These should match the character you are auditioning for or interested in. Always have a contrasting piece ready to perform in case the director wants to hear more! Often they might be considering you for a different character that is not the one you initially hoped for.


Dress comfortably!! You should find out before the audition if there will be a dancing portion. If so, wear clothes that you can dance in, as well as character shoes. If there is no dancing, you should be as formal as is comfortably possible. ABSOLUTELY NO mini-skirts, jeans, or flip-flops should be worn to any audition.


Bring with you to the audition: Filled out audition application (usually handed out upon arrival), Original Music or Repertoire Book, Dance Shoes, and multiple copies of your Resume and Headshot photograph.

audition hints

Auditions are typically first come, first serve. If auditions are “Closed,” they are usually by appointment. If the auditions are “Open” you are called in randomly.


Director(s) are looking to see whether or not you can speak and sing expressively while being loud enough to be heard.


If you are trying out for a non-singing or non-speaking role, the director(s) want to see if you are animated in your movements and facial expressions. However, if you are auditioning for a singing/speaking role, the director(s) will want to see if you can act and sing at the same time.


The director(s) look for performers who understand the characters of the chosen show. For instance, if your character is happy, sad, excited, or nervous at a particular point in the script, the director wants to see if you can show those feelings with your body and voice. Always be ready to have a “cold read-through” of a script or a particular scene.


The director(s)are also looking for a variety of body shapes and sizes to create an interesting picture on stage and yet stay true to the script. For example, a child should be smaller than the parent.


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